PopMatters @ SXSW 2006

By Terry Sawyer, Zeth Lundy and Tobias Peterson

19 March 2006

We bid a fond farewell to the cultured madness of SXSW Film 2006, as the barbarian hordes of the music festival descend to have their way with Austin.

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Music Day 4: Country Legends and Fisticuffs

Sovvie comes ashore and the whole damn thing finally ends.

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Music Day 4: Goodbye, Inescapable Crowdedness

Musings on men in stockings, acoustic tribulations, and ecclesiastic showcases punctuate the last day of the festival.

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Music Day 3: Hangovers and Hip-Hop, They Don’t Stop

West Coast rappers bring the noise and Japan brings out the devil-horned rawk.

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Music Day 3: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Further adventures in Austin's bustling nightlife yields run-ins with Dap Kings, Zutons, and singing dogs.

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Music Day 2: Apologies and Local Diversions

When the overwhelming hype of the festival begins turning up underwhelming leads, it's important to get a little perspective from some of the city's fringe events.

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Music Day 2: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

The second day of music madness is marked by mushrooming crowds, humidity, and an eclectic array of performers big and small.

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Music Day 1: Dream Pop and Dance Disasters

Annie put in an enervating performance while relative old-timers, Irving, briefly bring the rock.

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Music Day 1: Hallelujah and All That Bullshit

Amos Lee sets new records in underwhelming while the Flaming Lips bring a cell phone surprise.

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Attending these events makes me feel a lot like one of those nature documentarians, tracking some bizarre annual urban migration.

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Film Day 4: Druggie Teens and The Female Orgasm, Part Two

A film that smells badly like teen spirit followed by another investigation of the wondrous mysteries of the vagina.

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Film Day 2: Paying with Plastic and Playing an Invisible Guitar

It's time to cut up your Visa and play 'Barracuda' on a guitar built by the engineers of Wonder Woman's jet.

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Film Day 3: Other Bodies, Other Selves

This year's festival is a scene Fellini would have been proud to shoot. And I haven't even gotten into the theater.

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Film Day 1: Mississippi Goddamn and the Dangerous Female O

A flawed film about Bible Belt gays and lesbians will melt your heart, while a film about the people who brought us PG-13 will blow your mind.

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Film Days 1 and 2: Aged Wonders and Troubled Rebirths

The festival, you see, is both an indivisible whole and a Trinity, comprised of the line, the film, and the schmooze.

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