PopMatters @ SXSW 2006

By Terry Sawyer, Zeth Lundy and Tobias Peterson

19 March 2006

Music Day 4: Country Legends and Fisticuffs

Sovvie comes ashore and the whole damn thing finally ends.

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Film Days 6 and 7: Dreams for Insomniacs

We bid a fond farewell to the cultured madness of SXSW Film 2006, as the barbarian hordes of the music festival descend to have their way with Austin.

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Music Day 4: Goodbye, Inescapable Crowdedness

Musings on men in stockings, acoustic tribulations, and ecclesiastic showcases punctuate the last day of the festival.

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Music Day 3: Hangovers and Hip-Hop, They Don’t Stop

West Coast rappers bring the noise and Japan brings out the devil-horned rawk.

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Music Day 3: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Further adventures in Austin's bustling nightlife yields run-ins with Dap Kings, Zutons, and singing dogs.

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Music Day 2: Apologies and Local Diversions

When the overwhelming hype of the festival begins turning up underwhelming leads, it's important to get a little perspective from some of the city's fringe events.

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Music Day 2: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

The second day of music madness is marked by mushrooming crowds, humidity, and an eclectic array of performers big and small.

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Music Day 1: Dream Pop and Dance Disasters

Annie put in an enervating performance while relative old-timers, Irving, briefly bring the rock.

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Music Day 1: Hallelujah and All That Bullshit

Amos Lee sets new records in underwhelming while the Flaming Lips bring a cell phone surprise.

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Film Day 4: Druggie Teens and The Female Orgasm, Part Two

A film that smells badly like teen spirit followed by another investigation of the wondrous mysteries of the vagina.

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Film Days 4 and 5: Camps, Pixies, and Four Letter Words

Attending these events makes me feel a lot like one of those nature documentarians, tracking some bizarre annual urban migration.

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Film Day 2: Paying with Plastic and Playing an Invisible Guitar

It's time to cut up your Visa and play 'Barracuda' on a guitar built by the engineers of Wonder Woman's jet.

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Film Day 3: Other Bodies, Other Selves

This year's festival is a scene Fellini would have been proud to shoot. And I haven't even gotten into the theater.

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Film Day 1: Mississippi Goddamn and the Dangerous Female O

A flawed film about Bible Belt gays and lesbians will melt your heart, while a film about the people who brought us PG-13 will blow your mind.

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Film Days 1 and 2: Aged Wonders and Troubled Rebirths

The festival, you see, is both an indivisible whole and a Trinity, comprised of the line, the film, and the schmooze.

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//Mixed media

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Is a Bad Crossover

// Moving Pixels

"Fire Emblem Heroes desperately and shamelessly wants to monetize our love for these characters, yet it has no idea why we came to love them in the first place.

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