These Times/This Place

By Karen Zarker

25 October 2004

This is where we're coming from...
Living Hip and Broke in the City of Nations

Toronto's young people, a gumbo of races and cultures, live crowded into small apartments with roommates, or at home with their parents, because once university bliss ends, they can't find a decent job. They have the privilege of living in one of the richest countries in the world, but they must figure out if they should splurge on a streetcar ride home or leave the $2.25 as the tip for the soup.

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Breakfast of Champions

Washington, DC ain't for the faint-hearted. This is the school of hard knocks, baby. In DC, they eat politicians, lawyers, and other movers-and-shakers for breakfast. New York has nothing over DC.

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Now That I’m Home I Never Stay Home

Austinites live with a sound track to their lives: music for almost every occasion is heard in virtually every location. It is a city full of tastemakers who care little for style, but display it in spades.

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When the Roadwork Slows

After the two-week festivities of the Kentucky Derby are over -- the potholes are allowed to grow deeper, the weeds along the roads are left to grow -- Louisville settles into a comfortable balance of country and urban, conventional and cutting-edge.

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The City in the Mountain

The imposing high-rises of Gulf Canada Square, Energy Plaza, and Petro-Canada, among others, tower over the tiny commuters who come downtown to earn their wage at these brawny monuments to Canada's oil industry. But take another look: the casually dressed population is hardly bullied by all this might. No, the only thing that ruffles this hardy bunch is the wind blowing down from the mountains.

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//Mixed media

The Hills Are Alive, But Nobody Else Is in 'The Happiness of the Katakuris'

// Short Ends and Leader

"Happiness of the Katakuris is one of Takashi Miike's oddest movies, and that's saying something.

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