The 2012 Conscious Life Expo: Los Angeles

by Greg M. Schwartz

25 Mar 2012


Humanity’s entrance into 2012 has been a long time coming for those who have been following the 2012 phenomenon since the late 20th century. The 10th Annual Conscious Life Expo brought together a diverse and timely array of speakers from the metaphysical community at the beginning of this hopefully momentous year. It seemed like a prime opportunity to get a look at Earth’s metaphysical report card, at what could be viewed as a galactic two-minute warning of sorts.

The expo featured a film festival, 200 exhibit booths, live music and a diverse array of speakers on a variety of metaphysical topics. These topics included the Mayan calendar, UFOs, ancient aliens, past lives, hidden history, psychic powers, astrology, shamanism and more. The workshop speakers were the main draw, with some of the biggest names in the metaphysical community appearing throughout the weekend.

The 2012 Conscious Life Expo

11 Feb 2012: The LAX Hilton — Los Angeles

This coming winter solstice was a prime topic, for it will be the conclusion of a 26,000-plus year cycle, known as the precession of the equinoxes, charting Earth’s passage around the galaxy and into alignment with the galactic equator of the Milky Way. This grand cycle is what the ancient Maya were charting and it’s the reason their legendary calendar concludes this December. The metaphysical community has long speculated on the concept of a momentous transformational paradigm shift for humanity at this approaching juncture, and this topic dominated conversation throughout the weekend.

Saturday—“The Physics of 2012” - celebrity panel hosted by George Noory

This panel about “what’s really happening in 2012” was one of the weekend’s obvious main events. “Coast to Coast” AM host George Noory was the moderator with a panel billed to include Dannion Brinkley, Hunbatz Men, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, David Wilcock and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Mayan calendar expert Jenkins was an unfortunate cancellation due to a death in the family though, while indigenous Mayan Daykeeper Hunbatz Men was also MIA for unspecified reasons. The expo subbed in a couple other speakers though and a lively discussion was still had.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the actual technology we see from ancient times—the pyramid technology—is more advanced than what we’re using now,” said Wilcock, a researcher of ancient civilizations, the science of consciousness and evolving paradigms of matter and energy. Wilcock’s statement hinted at what many have long suspected about the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids, that they could not have been built merely with the technology available to humanity at the time.

Barbara Marx Hubbard had just been awarded the expo’s Lifetime Achievement Award earlier in the day and the co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution was one of the bigger names on hand. “What if the most extraordinary thing is about to happen? That is my intuition,” Hubbard said about 2012. She said that everyone on Earth who is attracted to change is going to experience a shift in consciousness. “I believe that would be the signal for shared contact [with our ET visitors]”.

Hubbard went on to speak of late, great Mayan calendar scholar/visionary Jose Arguelles, who sadly passed away in the spring of 2011. She said Arguelles had influenced her deeply, and she noted his theory that when enough people connect within the Earth’s thinking layer—the noosophere—the Earth will go telepathic with other worlds that have reached this level. This potential evolution of a collective consciousness is where many 2012 believers seem to pin their hopes for a shift that will lead humanity out of the current era of fear, greed and warmongering.

“As we awaken, we will see the world differently somehow… you’re just starting to feel like what it is to be sane,” said self-proclaimed psychic Sean David Morton, one of the substitute speakers. 

Dannion Brinkley—an expert on the near death experience after being struck by lightning in 1975—said humanity needs to look for its spiritual dynamite. “The Mayans say all things not done in integrity will collapse by 2012… we’re there, at that shift in consciousness,” Brinkley said.

Gregg Braden had one of the most diverse backgrounds of any speaker at the expo. Renowned for his visionary work bridging science with spirituality, Braden previously worked as a computer geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970s energy crisis, as a senior computer systems designer with Martin Marietta Defense Systems during the last years of the Cold War, and as the first technical operations manager for Cisco Systems where he led the development of a global support team that helps ensure the reliability of the modern internet. Braden said that the physical changes the Earth is going through are not the problem, but the trigger. “The only things that are breaking down are the things that are no longer sustainable… We do have an opportunity to shift the way we think—are we going to choose cooperation or competition?” asked Braden.

Michael Cremo, a member of the World Archeological Congress, also questioned the status quo thinking on the Mayan pyramids, suggesting that there were unseen energies playing a role. “The physics of the these ancient people… involved a physics that included subtle energies, consciousness as something real,” said Cremo, seemingly implying that telekinesis could have played a role.

After opening statements, Noory asked the panel about the frequently over-hyped concept that the Mayan calendar could represent a date with apocalypse. But none of the speakers sided with such gloomy thinking. “If you’re an evolutionary, you know that crisis precedes transformation… Maybe we needed the crisis attitude to wake up humanity,” said Hubbard. “We’re shifting from pro-creation to co-creation”.

“Doom and gloom is not what’s really going on, but it serves a valuable function,” said Wilcock. He suggested that the Earth is going through a grand drama for humanity to determine if we will serve self or serve others. Wilcock predicted that there will soon be a mass arrest revealing a conspiracy that goes back 300 years, to switch out gold for fiat paper money in order to control the global economy. Wilcock also said government black ops agents have informed him that the US already possesses suppressed technology at the “Star Trek” level.

There was an ongoing dichotomy at the expo in regards to speakers who dealt in information of a highly speculative nature and those who aimed to provide more objective documentation, as historian/UFOlogist Richard Dolan would note on Sunday. But the metaphysical realm is inherently one that is harder to back up with such hard evidence. It’s here that spiritual seekers must follow their intuition. One of the more intriguing speakers in this regard was the great-granddaughter of former President Dwight Eisenhower.

Saturday workshop—Laura Eisenhower—“Extraterrestrials and the Eisenhower Legacy”

Laura Eisenhower drew a standing room only crowd to her workshop, perhaps aided by her engaging presence on Facebook, where she frequently posts about her research into a variety of metaphysical topics. She’s an intriguing personality to say the least, claiming that her bloodline led to her being recruited by secret agents a few years back for a survival colony on Mars.

Her story revolves around a battle between good and evil that did not end when her great-grandfather led the Allied Forces to victory over Hitler in World War II. “After the war, these entities, including those that were extraterrestrial, continued to find hosts and create agreements with the global elite—who want to run things through fear, power and control along with the suppression of Sophia or the essence of the Divine,” said Eisenhower in the expo program. She touched on a variety of related topics in the workshop.

“If you are meant to ascend, you will,” Eisenhower said in regards to speculation about Earth shifting to a higher dimension at the end of 2012, suggesting a sense of destiny for certain souls. She briefly touched on the hidden agenda of “Alternative 3”, the conspiracy theory that the world government has had a base on Mars since the early ‘60s, a project supposedly begun under Dwight Eisenhower’s administration. But upon being recruited to the project in 2006, she resisted, choosing to remain on Earth. She also suggested that a reptilian invasion had taken place some 280,000 years ago and that these aliens—aka the Annunaki—are still trying to control world events today. This echoed the research of well-known British researcher David Icke. But then Eisenhower delivered her own take on the metaphysical forces at work.

“Where is God, where is the intervention? We’re the intervention,” Eisenhower said, hinting that humanity has a special role in the galactic scheme of things. This is a popular point of view in the New Age community, providing a fascinating contrast to the more mainstream view that humanity is just a war torn race that would be of no interest to the galactic community.

“The shadow government only exists because of the ignorance of humanity,” Eisenhower said. When asked how people could attempt to combat this shadow government, Eisenhower responded with a two-pronged plan of civil disobedience.

“Don’t vote, don’t pay taxes,” she said. Eisenhower’s rejection of the two-party duopoly’s bi-hegemonic control of the American government certainly provides compelling food for thought. She went on to note her great-grandfather’s famous outgoing presidential speech from 1961, where Ike presciently warned America about the nefarious influence of the military industrial-complex.

“He saw that the presidency was becoming co-opted as a CIA pawn,” said Eisenhower. She again mentioned the ongoing battle between good and evil that had continued after World War II, with the US government bringing over Nazi collaborators via Operation Paper Clip, a shady undercover op long since revealed as historical fact. Eisenhower’s talk was kind of all over the place, but she certainly was one of the more interesting speakers at the expo.

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