Dan Zimmerman: Cosmic Patriot

[8 July 2009]

By Joe Tacopino

“All this technology,” Dan Zimmerman proclaims on Cosmic Patriot, “is useless when you’ve lost your technique”. An it’s appropriate that Zimmerman, with his son-of-a-preacher pedigree art-school gypsy past, is the one to make this point. In fact, it’s hard to imagine an artist like Dan Zimmerman in this hyper-tech-centric age outside of maybe your local organic coffee shop or between stacks of hardcovers at Barnes and Noble. Dan’s steady baritone and measured wit is almost more potent as our traditional idea of a singer/songwriter wanes with each succeeding tweet.

You see, Dan Zimmerman doesn’t need a blog to confirm his abilities. The artist transcends the modern ephemera to make something that has been referred to in the recent past as ‘folk music’. The title track “Cosmic Patriot” and “Everyday in My Heart” add to the notion that Dan’s music transcends the static idea of pop songs an act more as an installment—something to meditate on rather than just listen to and discard. Dan Zimmerman’s music probably won’t be lighting up the web anytime soon. But then again, will anyone remember Black Kids in 10 years.

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