Still Flyin’: Never Gonna Touch the Ground

[24 September 2009]

By Dave Heaton

PopMatters Associate Music Editor

The members of the indie-pop party-band Still Flyin’, steeped as it is in its own cute pop version of reggae or ska, call us dudes and beckon us to party. And party we want to, not just because it taps into a kind of quintessential party feeling, but because Still Flyin’ seems friendly and have a lot of positive energy, plus nice harmonies. Never Gonna Touch the Ground opens with an appropriate theme song, with the chorus: “Still flyin’ / We’re never gonna touch the ground.” That about sums it up, but what’s to like about Still Flyin’, even more than its fun-loving sound, is that deep down the songs feel personal, like your next-door neighbors had so much fun at the block party that afterwards they wrote a bunch of songs about the neighborhood, about the fun that friends can have together. It’s a simple but eternal theme, perhaps, but it sounds dynamite when phrased as a big party anthem, like on the delightfully corny “Forever Dudes”. Though it might seem difficult to find a band who can sing about 20 dudes on a party bus and make you care, Stiill Flyin’ somehow pulls it off. “It’s important to keep in touch / With all the dudes that you love,” the band proclaims, and who is to disagree?

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