‘Twilight’ co-star Nikki Reed doesn’t want her life to be an open book

[16 November 2009]

By Rick Bentley

McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)

LOS ANGELES — Nikki Reed, who reprises her role of Rosalie in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” is trying still to find that line between how much of her life is fodder for public consumption and what should be private.

There’s been an avalanche of attention since she was cast in “Twilight,” but the attention from fans and the media started years earlier. Reed made her debut in the feature “Thirteen,” which she also co-wrote, when she was 14. The film was marketed as being autobiographical, which blurred the line between what was on and off limits in regard to her life.

“Boundaries were never set, I feel. I am still trying to find that, honestly, the balance,” Reed says.

The actress understands the popularity of “Twilight.” The problem is she and the rest of the cast are working in a world where anyone with a Web site can post information or photos.

“It is weird to be part of this cultural phenomenon of online gossip,” Reed says. “People have always been obsessed with celebrity, but there was a disconnect. There was a separation.”

What bothers her about that kind of attention is that stars can be in vogue and then out in a flash. Reed would like to leave some mystery about her personal life.

One way is by working on small independent films like “Last Day of Summer,” the story of a fast-food employee changed through a chance encounter with a beautiful customer. She also recently completed shooting “Chain Letter.”

Yet she knows a lot of producers will cast their films based on how well-known an actor has become.

“It’s a new system that we are trying to figure out, but it’s flawed right now,” Reed says.

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