Pepper Rabbit: Shakes and Clicks

[11 May 2010]

By Deanne Sole

It’s not just that Pepper Rabbit has a lot of ideas, it’s the fact that they—this is a duo—make them cohere, and cohere in a way that is indie pop-songful. It’s also that they’re dense, yet clear: compact yet not confused, like a star, compressing its atoms, banging them together, and giving off an obvious multifarious light. One of the atoms is tape loop, another is a hoarse trumpet, which made me think of Zachary Condon’s Beirut. Another is a sweet Beatles melody that arrives during “Send in the Horns”, while another is a ukulele, which they play with a rounded bubbling sound. Then there are bells, then there is a piano, then there is the way they let the songs well up into romantic crescendos, as if pleasure is spilling out of them. This a joyful album. The two musicians, Xander Singh and Luc Laurent, formed Pepper Rabbit in 2008, and went on to release two EPs, one called Shakes, the other Clicks. Here you have both EPs together. They’ve been touring, if you’re in the US.

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