By Mike Pace

This five-songer first made an appearance one day as I was making a tuna sandwich. All throughout lunch’s preparation the sounds of swirling feedback and rumbling basslines emanated from my room into the kitchen, and 20 minutes later, as I was savoring the final bites, the disc rightfully ended, giving me just enough meat to want some more. Amidst angular Jehu-isms and screechy Unwounding lies Atombombpocketknife.

Taking healthy cues from both Drive Like Jehu and Unwound, ABPK delve into the dissonant, producing an EP’s worth of notable efforts. Unlike the two former bands, however, ABPK opt for a more “soothing” vocal approach—the guitars do the screaming here—while Justin Sinkovich handles the vox. Lots of start/stop guitar work that the kids like so much these days is featured here, particularly in the first track, “Disintegrate the New Generation.” Released on Southern Records, which I knew more for being a website devoted to indie bands than a record label (but alas, home to other faves as Karate), and featuring members of the now-defunct San Diego band Thumbnail, Atombombpocketknife give us promise for yet another solid band not caring as much about creating wholly original material, but rather rocking out for a good time.

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