Matzak: Bring Me the Moon

[31 May 2010]

By Mike Schiller

Matzak is a talented electronic artist suffering from an identity crisis on his latest release, Bring Me the Moon.  While it would be awfully presumptuous to suggest that any artist should pick a style and stick with it, Matzak careens so wildly around the electronic landscape as to cause bouts of dizziness and, occasionally, nausea.  The dizziness happens when he spends 15 minutes hitting us with meticulously constructed minimalism in the form of “Unpredictable Sunday” and “Disco Mobster”, and then hits us with a lovely, thick bit of piano-centered peace called “In the Jazz Garden”—a song that, it should be noted, has little to do with jazz at all.  The nausea hits when he goes for hip-hop and recruits vocalists, and ends up with the laughably “erotic” opener “On the Sofa” and the ridiculous posing of “Not Safe for Work”, featuring Tori and Forensic respectively.  That said, the production on everything is top notch, and every sound Matzak puts in his tracks is clean and clear.  This bunch of songs never coalesces into an album, however, so despite Matzak’s obvious skill, Bring Me the Moon is ultimately a bit of a chore.

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