What Laura Says: Bloom Cheek

[23 June 2010]

By Anna Deem

If you’ve heard of What Laura Says at all, it’s most likely due to the fact that they’re on Terpsikhore Records—a label run by Annuals bassist Mike Robinson.  Either that, or perhaps you’ve seen them play acoustically in their native Arizona back in the day.  Nowadays, their acoustic days are long gone, focusing instead on tightly coiled guitars (“Training”) and psychedelic vocals reminiscent of Akron/Family on their second full length album, Bloom Cheek.  Although they’ve already shared stages with the likes of Lou Reed, My Morning Jacket, and Yo La Tengo, What Laura Says is still carving out their own sound.  On Bloom Cheek, they wear their influences out on their sleeves.  Maybe in a few albums from now, they’ll learn to roll their sleeves up and not be so outright in emulating their peers.

Published at: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/review/126053-what-laura-says-bloom-cheek/