Anne Summers: Very Classy


By David Fufkin

Like there is no actual person named Bettie Serveert, Anne Summers is likely just the formalization of some type of female ideal of three guys who hail from Washington, DC. Cool name, cool band and cool record.

This is the second album from Anne Summers, this one produced by the notable producer Don Fleming (Teenage Fanclub).

The opening track “King of Disaster” has a nice Fountains of Wayne power structure. I hear in the material songs similar to Green Day with vocals reminiscent of Ben Folds or Joe Jackson. Punchy big rock guitar sound with nice melodies.

“Vitamins” is a relentless Adam Schmitt-like rocker. “Robots” has a Style Council feel if Paul Weller used heavy guitars in the chorus. “Ditch Digger” is very Green Day/Buzzcocks. “Conrad Takes On The World” has a Joe Jackson “Look Sharp” vibe. The tracks rock with strong performances overall.

Overall, this is an impressive release that might be able to cross over from the limited appeal of the died-in-the-wool “power pop” fan to the mainstream much like Green Day did. This recording is a good example of how quality influences affect a whole work. I would be surprised if these guys were not huge fans of disparate forms of music, ranging from the Sex Pistols to classical to the Beatles.

In any event, I would check this CD out if you are a fan of melodic, crunchy music similar to late ‘70s New Wave bands such as The Sinceros, Fountains of Wayne or anything that approaches power punk pop.

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