Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2010

[11 August 2010]

By Ron Hart

This latest edition of German electronic music guru Wolfgang “Gas” Voight’s ongoing Pop Ambient compilation for the Cologne-based Kompakt label marks the 10th installment of the series. And much like the other nine, it delivers to the ears of its listeners a vast and prolific ensemble of some of the most forward-thinking acts in the ambient genre today. Among the quality names providing soothing drones and hypnotic tones this time around include newcomer Brock Van Wey, who here as bvdub offers the ominous, crystalline “Lest You Forget”, the Orb delivering “Glen Coe”—a spacey throwback to their Orbvs Terrarvm days, Jürgen Paape’s angelic “864M”, and Mikkel Metal’s phased piano movement, “Blue Items”. Kudos goes to Voight for curating yet another stellar set of sleep music with Pop Ambient 2010.

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