Blood Red Shoes - “Light It Up” MP3 (PopMatters Premiere)

[19 August 2010]

By PopMatters Staff

This British Nirvana- and Pixies-influenced band from the shores of Brighton has been drawing serious press in the UK from the likes of the BBC, NME, Uncut and Drowned in Sound. The NME, which likes to level fawning praise and damning dismissals in near equal measure, said, “we’ll have to be content with Blood Red Shoes quietly becoming one of the most thrillingly loud bands we’ve got—and the promising hope that there’ll be plenty more fire exactly like this from them for years to come.” They’re onto something here as Blood Red Shoes really does pump up the volume with genuine energy and vitality, all the while knocking out catchy and memorable tunes. “Light It Up” is the group’s latest single and proof of the previous point. We’ve got the premiere of this tune today, which will appear later this year in the US on Fire Like This, releasing 5 October via Nice Music Group.

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