CMJ 2010: Dan Black + The Golden Filter + Neon Hitch + Bad Rabbits + Body Language

[20 October 2010]

By Thomas Hauner

Perhaps. Or attendees were just wisely pacing themselves. Still, it was easy to get into Body Language and their bleached dance music. Their cover of Detroit Grand Pubah’s “Sandwiches” proved exceptionally charming with its allegorical refrain, “Hot like butter / Easy to spread.”

Boston bro band Bad Rabbits was polished in their performance, nailing coordinated two steps, jumps, and matching outfits. However charged up, their flaunting mix of funk and rap didn’t sway me—nor did one guitarist’s constant dead space-filling fart sounds.

Bizarre followed bombastic when Neon Hitch took the stage next. Bad vocals hampered the costumed, and shimmery, songstress musically while randomly throwing handfuls of hard candy at the crowd caused confusion—and/or pain. Like she said: “What the hell!”

Professionalism was reigned in by The Golden Filter. The trio’s weighty four-on-the-floor beats, minimalist arrangements, and wispy vocals/lead vocalist left a solid and fluid set in its wake. “I know it’s CMJ, but let’s dance” said singer Penelope Trappes before launching into their seminal single, “Solid Gold.” (I concurred, bulky SLR and all.)

Ostensible headliner, Dan Black, had a handful of fans present (similar to the aforementioned Rabbits) that made for some pleasant banter.  However, performing alone with his laptops and guitarist, aside from his awkward, spastic dancing and face-paint his set begged for some sort of visuals. I mean, his “Symphonies” video (sans Kid Cudi) is neat.

Body Language

Bad Rabbits

Neon Hitch

The Golden Filter

Dan Black

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