The Good Housekeeping Cookbook

[20 December 2010]

By Devin Mainville

For 125 years Good Housekeeping has made a name for itself by offering quality tips on cooking, well now they have their own cookbook. The Good Housekeeping Cookbook is an expanded version of their indispensable kitchen companion in magazine form. With 1,275 recipes, this cookbook has something for every occasion.

In addition to recipes, Good Housekeeping shares tips on basic and special cooking techniques, tools, ingredients, and safe food handling, as well as complete nutritional facts. There are also chapters devoted to canning and freezing as well as holiday cooking, including a dozen menus that are crafted to have you enjoying the party as much as your guests. This is the must have gift for anyone who likes to spend their time in the kitchen—and those who eagerly await at the table for the results.

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