Jana Winderen: Energy Field

[13 February 2011]

By Ron Hart

Greenland is one of the most beautiful and mysterious wonders of this planet in direct danger to the rapidly escalating developments of global warming. It’s a hard fact that makes these acoustic recording experiments of the ice-covered country’s precious marine ecosystem created by Norwegian avant-recordist Jana Windreren all the more invaluable. Utilizing a highly sensitive network of hydrophones and specialized microphones, Energy Field captures the sounds of such northern Atlantic species as crustaceans, cod, herring, haddock, and pollock hunting, playing, mating, and being one with their collective environment, creating a truly unique and educational standpoint of the sonic ocean masterfully compiled by one of Northern Europe’s true visionaries of the recorded arts.

Published at: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/review/135183-jana-winderen-energy-field/