Aufgang: Aufgang

[2 February 2011]

By Ron Hart

Rami Khalife and Francesco Tristano met in the year 2000 while attending Julliard, where the duo began to fuse their love for the electronic music they would hear out in the clubs at night with the discipline of their classical training at New York City’s most prestigious performing arts school. Soon joined by fellow classmate Aymeric Westrich, the trio formed Aufgang in 2005, crafting a sound born from both laptops and grand pianos, an android synthesis of disparate styles as derived from the works of Philip Glass and Glenn Gould as it is from Autechre and Aphex Twin. That sound transmits beautifully across the nine tracks featured here on their eponymous debut, where cascading ivories and minimalist bass throbs intertwine as though they always belonged together.

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