The Ocean Tango: The Ocean Tango

[16 March 2011]

By Maria Schurr

The Ocean Tango’s self-titled release is a collaboration between French pop artist Louis Philippe and Swedish art-pop act Testbild!. Whether one is familiar with these acts or not, the key words “French pop” and “Swedish art-pop” should give an idea that this is a very delicate album. This is the sort of wistful, unhurried pop that would provide an inappropriate soundtrack for many activities in this workaday world. Although The Ocean Tango is not exactly a good everyday listen, there is no better accompaniment in recent memory for a lazy day with no obligations, one filled with reading poems and record-breaking lounging sessions. The Ocean Tango is characteristically dreamy, yes, but it is also the musical equivalent of a day playing hooky from work, something that is rarely ever unwelcome.

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