Chris Thompson: Chris Thompson

[17 March 2011]

By Ron Hart

When it was originally issued on the old Village Thing label in 1973, one of its last releases before unfortunately folding, the classic solo debut of one-time Julie Felix guitarist Chris Thompson was hailed as one of the greatest acid-folk albums of the ‘70s. And after one listen to this ultra-rare eight song LP, you can easily understand why it was held in such high regard, given the pristine Jansch-esque precision with which Thompson picks his strings and calmly croons his wayfaring odes. This deluxe two-disc reissue nearly triples the length of the original album. It’s expanded to include alternate takes, rare cuts and a second disc that cherry picks the best of every stage of Thompson’s 40 year career. If you are a fan of Pentangle, John Martyn and Mike Cooper, you need to own this unearthed treasure.

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