Bad Cop - “I’m in Lust With You” Video (PopMatters Premiere)

[23 March 2011]

By PopMatters Staff

A lot has happened in the life of Nashville’s Bad Cop since we last caught up with them... The band has gone through a line-up changed, played the stages at PopMontreal and CMJ, as well as holding down a regular gig at Brooklyn’s Don Pedro. Bowing to the ironic resurgent popularity of the good old cassette tape and the return of the vinyl LP, vocalist Adam Anyone has also started a new cassette and vinyl label called Jeffery Drag Records. The garage rock band has a new 7-inch dropping this summer, but in the meantime they have just unleashed the new video directed by Seth Graves for “I’m in Lust With You”, an appropriate title for a testosterone-driven slab of charging guitar rawk.

As an extra treat, we’re giving you a preview of a new Bad Cop song to be released in finished form this summer. This is the demo version of “Wet Lips”.

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