Tony Castles: No Service EP

[30 May 2011]

By Daniel Tebo

How many times in the last year have you decided to avoid bands because they were from Brooklyn? You know you rolled your eyes at the very least. People are gonna take one look at the guys in Brooklyn trio Tony Castles and scream, “Holy hipster!” I mean, the drummer works on a food truck for god’s sake!
Debut EP No Service, however, is nothing to scoff at. Too aggro to be lumped in with chillwave and too musically dexterous to be dismissed as indie pop, Tony Castles has immediately tapped into a refreshing sound that’s sure to distinguish the band from its neighbors. Anchored by the nimble bass playing of singer Paul Sicilian, the band locks into a groove that refuses to dissipate. Sicilians’s yelp-to-falsetto vocals are undeniably of the school of indie rock, yet the band dabbles in everything from reggae to new wave. Each of the five tracks here, from the off kilter fun-house stomp of “Dream Job” to the Television workout “New Brain”, is packed with taut playing and exciting musical ideas. Featuring a dreamy guitar hook that’s eerily similar to the one in Robert Plant’s “In the Mood”, the effortlessly breezy “Black Girls in Dresses” is the jam all the kids are going to be listening to while they’re riding the N train down to Coney Island this summer. If the guys in Tony Castles can deliver a long player as promising as No Service they’ll be the new kings of the block.

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