Emanuele Errante: Time Elapsing Handheld

[24 May 2011]

By Josh Langhoff

There's a song on here called "Counterclockwise".

Emanuele Errante is one chill Italian and he makes soundscapes that some (read: press release) would describe as “experimental”, though the exact hypotheses and methods governing his experiments remain obscure. “Obscure”, fortunately, is a descriptor that doesn’t apply to Errante’s gentle electro-acoustic music, structured as it is with familiar meters and chords that slake a subliminal and probably universal human thirst for normalcy, relaxation and spa treatments; complex major and minor sonorities suspended over the unusual, but not outlandish, duration of early rap singles; and static swatches of ambience that threaten constantly to deteriorate into rainstorm sound effects. Wisely, they never do. Time Elapsing Handheld is lovely, positively Tangerine Dream-y.

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