Peelander Z: Super DX Hitz

[6 September 2011]

By Kevin Curtin

A CD can never adequately represent Peelander Z. Like Gwar, the Monotonix and professional wrestling, seeing it live is the only way to go. The band’s recorded material can never live up. That’s not a shortcoming, just an inherent flaw for bands whose sensory experience goes so far beyond what you hear. To understand Peelander Z, there are a few things of which you must be aware: first, band members dress vaguely like Power Rangers; second, they claim to be immigrants from planet Peelander (though they look and talk like they are Japanese), and third, their live shows include bizarre activities that involve the audience. Lastly and most importantly, you should know that Peelander Z plays punk rock and does it damn well.  Super DX Hitz collects the best Peelander Z songs from 2000-2009, some of which are rare.  The CD comes in typically flamboyant gold packaging and includes a karaoke DVD to give glimpses into the visual silliness that gives the band its charm.

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