Baby Woodrose: Love Comes Down

[16 November 2011]

By Stephen Haag

For a band obsessed with retro/psych/garage, it makes perfect sense that Baby Woodrose has a “lost” album getting reissued and only now seeing the light of day here in the States. 2006’s Love Comes Down came out three albums and five years ago, but for these Danes, who are strongly convinced that rock attained perfection sometime during the Nixon Administration, who’s really counting? Just know that Scandanavians have been kicking American rock ‘n’ roll bands’ asses for years and Love Comes Down shows why. The Hellacopter-y riffs and pointed Beach Boys’ lyric reference “I just wasn’t made for these times” of “Found My Way Out”, the Little Steven Underground Garage-approved “What Ya Gonna Do?” and a handful of lysergic psych workouts—“No Other Girl”, “Growing Younger”, “Chemical Buzz”—that too many American bands have abandoned in favor of lunkheadedness (Though I secretly wish the heavy “Lights Are Changing” and soulful “Born to Lose” were Bevis Frond and Johnny Thunders covers, respectively). Odds are, if you’re already hep to these guys you tracked down a copy of Love Comes Down back in ‘06, but if not, this is as good a place as any to start with these guys, no matter what year it is.

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