Indian Wars: Walk Around the Park

[22 November 2011]

By Joshua Kloke

Vancouver, BC has treated the world to acts such as the New Pornographers, Japandroids, and heck, even Bryan Adams. Being able to push a crazy amount of diverse acts out into the world means that the city must have a ton of bands just as diverse lurking in the shadows. Indian Wars is one such band. Sounding more Memphis than Pacific Northwest on its debut, Walk Around the Park, this five-piece has released a collection of thirteen greasy and infectious country-infused punk tracks. If there’s one thing the band doesn’t lack, it’s swagger. From the bluesy groove of “20,000 Cans” or the cocksure stomp of “Sitting on the Steps”, the members of Indian Wars know their place and seem entirely comfortable where they are. If there’s any part of you that feels entirely untouchable after a few stiff drinks, then Walk Around the Park may very well be your next favorite record.

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