Tony Jones / Kenny Wollesen / Charles Burnham: Pitch, Rhythm, and Consciousness

[9 February 2012]

By Philip Majorins

It is best to think of free-jazz as conversations.  These conversations can run the gamut, from the incomprehensible to the sublime. In the case of Pitch, Rhythm, and Consciousness the results are sublime. This inward reflection on time and space drives the listener to consider time as cyclical. This talented New York trio is comprised of Tony Jones on tenor saxophone, violinist Charles Burnham, and drummer Kenny Wollesen. Oakland, CA native Tony Jones steers many of the conversations through the well executed dynamics of his tenor saxophone. The musicians’ spontaneous interaction is something to behold. The result is an introspective and intentional interplay between an unusual conglomeration of instruments.  Experiments such as these can result in disaster when executed by lesser musicians, but musical genius abounds on this release.  One could only wish that the playing time ran longer. Even so, future releases from this trio promise an even fuller development of the conversations they have begun on Pitch, Rhythm, and Consciousness.

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