Betty Black - “Bad Weather” Video (PopMatters Premiere)

[15 February 2012]

By PopMatters Staff

Last year we introduced PopMatters readers to Betty Black, who we described as “a musical chameleon changing personas and genres with a natural ease”. At that time she was just about to release the Slow Dance EP and now she’s set to release a new EP this April. In anticipation of that new work, Black (a.k.a. Sylvia Gordon) brings us a video directed by Bijoux Altamirano for the new tune “Bad Weather”. “Bad Weather” is swathed in sexiness, sultry mid-temp beats and washes of swirling synth textures. In a perfect world, Black would be your new favorite diva, as she has all of the pop friendliness that the title implies, but grounded in a restless musicality that sees her constantly trying new things, never content to follow a formula. After you’ve watched the video below, head on over to Black’s Bandcamp page where you can check out six of her tunes.

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