Elijah and Ava Wolf’s “Cherry Ripe” Is Truly Sweet

[22 February 2012]

By Steve Jansen

I must be getting older, seriously. It’s taking me way longer to get a buzz on these days: “Done that gig, heard those riffs. Yawn.” Then, quite out of the blue, I got hit by a tune this morning that’s had me riding the replay button ever since.

It’s a track called “Cherry Ripe”.

Can’t say I know a great deal about the duo responsible: except they’re called Elijah and Ava Wolf. Equally, I can’t tell you much more than: this is a demo, apparently. So it’s not even got a video clip to hypnotize. 

All I know is: someone, somewhere, slipped Elijah Wolf’s “Cherry Ripe” to someone else. Then they liked it enough to stick it on in the background of some TV show – which went out and I caught last night. After which, the damn track’s been caught in my head ever since. One Google later: and the full harmonies have been stuck in my brain ever since.

Seriously, check it out.

“Cherry Ripe” has no quantized beats. Likewise, there’s a distinct lack of Auto-tuned vocals. Nary a vocoder, either. Nevertheless, what you do get is: a ramshackle clutch of spring-crisp vocal harmonies, one male on lead and the other female to back-up. There’s an acoustic. Oh, and a lone electric six-string: for punctuation. There’s a shuffle beat in there, too: for time. But after that, you’re on your own: with a killer tune.

It took me a few listens to realize “Cherry Ripe” isn’t a million miles away from the best end of Supergrass. That said, it’s a track I’m prepared to bet the house you won’t shake this side of the sun going down.

Apparently there’s an album’s worth of stuff in the works. Now, whether that means they’re signed or what, I don’t know. But, honest to God, this got me hyped today.

Give it a try. It’s called “Cherry Ripe”. And it’s sweet.


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