Octoberman: Waiting in the Well

[25 March 2012]

By Philip Majorins

Waiting in the Well clocks in at just over 30 minutes and sounds a lot like an understated Tom Petty or Wilco record. This is the fourth album from this Canadian band fronted by Marc Morrissette. It is short, sweet, and it possesses a lighter tone than previous Octoberman releases. The melodies are strong and the vocals compelling, an expression of world weariness that refuses to give up hope. Morrissette’s vulnerable lyrics and sensitive production certainly merit attention from a wider audience. As the title suggests, a sense of waiting lingers after the last chord sounds. This plays as both a weakness and a strength. Waiting in the Well is a step forward in the evolution of Octoberman that will leave fans aching for more. It is a solid outing that could have benefited from more surprises and more tunes, but it is still worth checking out.

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