White Arrows: Fireworks of the Sea

[19 April 2012]

By Steven Spoerl

White Arrows' latest is a playful and welcoming EP of inventive electro-pop.

At first blush, White Arrows’ Fireworks of the Sea EP almost comes off as twee in its approach, considering the trend electro-pop has recently taken in gravitating toward the dark, haunted sounds of witch house. It’s a refreshing change of pace and is somewhat jarring, but as the three songs play through, it reveals itself for what it is—simply great pop music.

There’s something to White Arrows that is hard to place that gives them a more distinct sound than most electro-pop bands can manage. Perhaps it’s that they recognize there’s really not a need to play into the genre’s over-reliance on synthesizers. While that instrument does frequently appear, it’s always used in tactful moderation as an enhancer rather than the driving force, giving Fireworks of the Sea a feel approaching organic. It’s wonderful.

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