Bill Evans: Dragonfly

[18 July 2012]

By Steven Spoerl

There’s no denying saxophonist Bill Evans’s talent. Evans’s playing on Dragonfly is as impressive as its ever been and the band that he’s put together to back is insanely talented, as evidenced right off the bat with the explosive pairing of “Madman” and “Time”. Yet despite the mastery of the instruments, the style they play in puts them at the forefront of a mostly forgettable genre: white blues. These are the types of jam bands that frequently occupy the majority of slots at places like Summerfest. If you’re looking for insanely talented musicians, then Dragonfly—which also features John Medeski and Warren Haynes—should do the trick. However, the moments of thrilling musicianship never quite connect into a masterful or particularly memorable whole.

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