National Puerto Rican Day Parade Photos: 10 June 2012 - NYC

[13 June 2012]

By Sachyn Mital

Contributing Editor

In Manhattan in the summertime, you’ll find something going on at least every weekend if not every night. There are weekly street fairs for food and goods, there are pop-up eating events like Smorgasburg or Madison Square Eats and then there are parades. I had stumbled upon the Dance Parade not that long ago and came across the National Puerto Rican Day parade this past weekend—you almost couldn’t cross 5th Avenue without noticing it (though I did notice the same guy spinning a basketball from the last parade).

According to the official website, this was teh 55th parade held in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo and NY Giant Victor Cruz were amongst some of the bigger names found participating in the parade. Many of the groups included colleges as this year’s theme “celebrates Puerto Ricans and Higher Education. It is through education that the community can continue to progress. Higher education is a source of empowerment that greatly improves the social and financial conditions of individuals aspiring to better their lives. The Parade’s theme will showcase the educational achievements of Puerto Ricans and continue to encourage further growth” (from the website).

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