Ormonde: Machine

[20 November 2012]

By Steven Spoerl

Two experienced musicians meet up and craft something beautiful.

There are two forces driving Ormonde; Anne-Lynne Williams and Robert Gomez. Both are seasoned musical veterans who have come together for Machine, a record brimming with confidence and contemplative dream-pop songs. Machine maintains a melancholic mood throughout its running time while packing enough unique ideas in to keep the listener invested in the proceedings. Gomez and Williams switch off the lead vocal duties to great effect and occasionally harmonize to expand that effect. The compositions and melodies are consistently gorgeous while the record’s ebbs and flows only push the listener further into its depths. On a select few instances, the songs go on for slightly too long but when they’re as gorgeous as they are, that’s hardly a complaint to get bent out of shape over. That Machine is Ormonde’s debut speaks volumes. If they stick together, they’ll be something special.

Published at: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/review/164340-ormonde-machine/