Wonderlick - “Sixteenyearoldgirl (Rough Mix)” (MP3)

[25 April 2013]

By Lauri Hiltunen

The loving four-minute tribute to all the Darias in the world is a little rough around the edges (hence appropriately tagged as “rough mix”), but it doesn’t stop the layered vocal harmonies, the ingenius hooks that get you singing along right from the very first listen and the brilliant lyrics from shining. They’ve not strayed anywhere from their past direction, but when a band focuses on what they do the best and the results are as irresistably affable as this, it’s impossible to complain. Most importantly, it’s got the timeless Wonderlick sound to it that stirs nostalgia from your personal good old days in an abstract way that doesn’t directly sound like anyone else: “Sixteenyearoldgirl” already feels like something you’ve treasured for years.

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