Mikrokolektyw: Absent Minded

[6 June 2013]

By John Garratt

PopMatters Associate Music Editor

Just so we’re clear, this is not your granddad’s Delmark. Absent Minded, the third release from the Polish duo Mikrokolektyw on the legendary Chicago label, is as fiercely bold as the other two (the second being a live DVD called Dew Point). I could describe them as a trumpet and percussion duo and that their music tends to get filed under jazz, but that might give you the wrong idea.

Artur Majewski and Kuba Suchar do play the trumpet and percussion respectively, but anyone with a copy of Dew Point knows that a great deal of electronics go into their performance art. The jazz association is just that—association. They’ve rubbed elbows with Rob Mazurek, Nicole Mitchell and the late Fred Anderson long after fine-tuning their sound within the modern jazz scene in Poland. “Dream About Mind Master” reminds me of Bruce Gilbert more than anything else and “Dream About the One” answers the age-old question, “what if Arnold Schoenberg had a Moog?” We’re not here to swing, people. The objective here is to drift.

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