Dead Stars: High Gain EP

[17 June 2013]

By Maria Schurr

Dead Stars describe their sound as “nerd grunge”, which is true in some ways but overlooks the Brooklyn trio’s knack for crafting spirited pop-rock tunes. As locals will attest, a Dead Stars live show is probably the best—and most legal—way to turn off and forget about the day-to-day. Although the band don’t have a radical sound, hook-laden tracks like “Staring At The Sun” and “Fractured” offer a nice alternative to the shoegaze revival currently enveloping the borough. Although the High Gain EP doesn’t quite capture all the fun and energy of a Dead Stars live set, it still acts as a good introduction to a group soon-to-explode onto the public scene. What’s more, High Gain saves the best for last, with the grunge-pop “No Sympathy” acting as a closer that suits bedroom and barroom pogoing alike.

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