Greg Porn - “Cloud 9” (video) (PopMatters Premiere)

[17 June 2013]

By PopMatters Staff

Greg Porn’s got a killer, rapid-fire flow backed with humorous tongue-twisting verses. With Amerikin Junkie, releasing July 16th, he displays that talent in full. “It’s reality music,” Porn says. “Up in your face, lyrical—super lyrical—but easy to digest.” Today, we are premiering the tune “Cloud 9” from the record and we’ll let Porn tell you about it in his own words…

“The ‘Cloud 9’ track came about because we loved that guitar riff. We wanted to do a song that mixed live elements with a banging swing beat. For some reason, it reminded me of painkillers, probably because of its melodic numbness, so I spoke about a day in the life of a west Philly pillhead. How we think, feel and act on our high. A friend of mine from Cali (Ivan Ives) produces videos and really liked the song. He had an idea for a dope commercial/video and thought it would fit perfectly. I am a big fan of crazy imagery and this video has a whole lot.”

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