Euphone: Hashin’ It Out


By Erik Gamlem

Frankly I do not get this music. I have been paining myself over this damn CD for weeks now and I do not understand what the hell is going on. Where did this come from and what the hell does it all mean? That’s pretty bad news, considering I’m the “musical expert” and I’m supposed to be telling you the reader what this record means so you can decide if it’s something you want to hear. Honestly though Euphone is not something I can grasp and I doubt most people will.

The elements and energy of Hashin’ It Out are both mixed, confusing and often failing. Part funk, part swing, part electronic the music is not a blend of these genres but a mess. The title of the record perhaps captures it best because Euphone seems to be figuring out what the hell they are trying to do rather then having it nailed down.

The album starts out with a techno groove called “Gyrations” which I would expect to hear in some up scale uber coffee hut employed and patroned by grown up ravers. The song is almost new age meditation music and is sadly the most original track on the album. The majority of the rest of the songs follow this horrible pattern of funk bass, over exaggerated guitar work and enough drums to keep the pace. Five songs in at “Bad Ascending” you wonder when they are gonna get back the transcendental sounds they captured in their techno explorations of the first track. About the best they offer is pseudo jazz and processed sounds but the format and feeling of every song is all the same and never strays in the slightest from the beginning to end.

So, here comes the dirty part that I do not like reverting to, but since I love Jade Tree records I’m going to do it. That’s right comparison time. If your into smooth jazz, funk or the current wave of instrumental music a la Tortoise or even the newest Joan Of Arc record by all means seek this out. It will offer you enough room to loose yourself with out being bothered. If you are a fan of instrumental music but not the space rock of say Trans Am or Man or Astro Man? then feel free to enjoy. I just hope your life is not as boring as this album.

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