Eve 6: Horrorscope


By Andy Argyrakis

Alternative rockers Eve 6 have made their fans wait two years for their latest project Horrorscope, but the delay has been well worth it, proving that the group has the potential to outlast the one album wonder stage. It’s obvious that the group, made up of Max Collins, Jon Siebels, and Tony Fagenson, has spent a lot of time playing together, as they seem much tighter and more polished then their self-titled debut.

The production quality and budget for this album has also been significantly improved, as demonstrated by the album’s first single “Promise”, which sounds a whole lot better than the group’s mammoth single from the last album “Inside Out”.

Eve 6’s sound can be best described as pop-punk, but it’s clear that the group has also been listening to a bit more diverse styles during their song writing process. The track “Three on the Roof Again” features dance club beats mixed in with a driving guitar riff throughout the song. “Jet Pack” starts out as a slow acoustic ballad and then picks up a bit adding in some heavier drums and guitars.

Lyrically the group has gotten more focused on song subjects, while their language choice this time out has earned them a parental advisory label. Despite their unnecessary swearing, the group does spread some poignant messages, like their mid-tempoed “Here’s to the Night”. This song speaks of having many memories with an ex-love and how it’s time to let them go and move on with life. It can easily bring to mind relationships gone bad in the listener’s life and seems like it would be a good soundtrack song after going through a difficult breakup.

Horrorscope can be played straight through without ever getting boring and it is destined to be a hit amongst old and fans new alike. Luckily, Eve 6 seems to have broken an all too common jinx in the industry of having a poor follow up to a multi-platinum debut.

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