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By PopMatters Staff

“We’ll rock this world for you / Whatever the world’s coming to,” Further More declare on Fluorescent Jellyfish, their first album. It’s simply a catchy chorus, though, as little rocking will be going on when you spin this album. You and your pals will be sitting around, scratching your heads, and wondering whether what you’re hearing is actually for real. Fluorescent Jellyfish is truly a puzzling album, but not in a good way.

Further More consists of three people—Daniel Fischer (the rapper and lyricist), Jason Jester (the DJ), and Lee (the female backing vocalist). Now, one would hope that among these three, one would eventually say during the making of their album, “Hey, just what are we doing here?” No such luck for the listener. Fluorescent Jellyfish is simply the most goofiest hip-hop record of all-time. It sounds as if a bunch of nitwit “wild and crazy” college guys (you know the type—they’re the ones that wear those dumb jester hats) got together and recorded an album over a long, drunken weekend. Imagine Bran Van 3000, except with a lot less talent, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into.

To top it off, the lyrics are incredibly amateurish. I will spare you the samples, but just know that there is one about comic books and one about being a ghost. It is alright to write humorous lyrics, but these are not funny. Rather, they are disturbing. Not disturbing themselves, but in that time and money were actually invested in them. The moments of cleverness (a sly New Order reference, a song called “Are You the Walrus?”) are few and, unfortunately, far between. The arrangements, meanwhile, are quite unimaginative, and hardly danceable (actually, I did invent the dumbest dance style ever, simply to go with the motif).

The wisest thing I can think of for one to do with Fluorescent Jellyfish is to give it to one’s purist hip-hop friends, just to see their eyes bug out and to hear them say, “What the HELL is this stuff?” Money well spent for the amusement value.

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