Patrick Park: We Fall Out of Touch EP

[9 December 2013]

By Taylor Coe

Patrick Park Falls Out of Touch

I’m pretty sure that there is a place in Los Angeles where they manufacture singer-songwriters. They are the legion of sensitive men and women who play a set every other week at the Hotel Café, whose songs end up featured on shows like Grey’s Anatomy. Patrick Park is one of this kind, with a straightforward folk-pop style and the kind of delicate tenor that sounds sincere no matter what he says.

This EP, his fourth release along with three full-length albums, is more of the same. His lyrics, surrounded by perfectly agreeable acoustic guitars, say very little that we haven’t heard before. The music itself hardly makes an impression—“In Our Sunday Clothes” threatens to go somewhere, with its electric guitar and muffled drums, but ultimately fades into resigned silence.

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