The Fuzz: The Fuzz

[16 January 2014]

By David Maine

Memphis natives the Fuzz (not to be confused with Ty Segall’s outfit, Fuzz) are a garage-rock four-piece whose high-energy brand of garage-punk manages to include most of that genre’s sonic touchstones: distorted vocals mixed with heavily reverbed guitars into simply-structured songs, all of it captured via lo-fi recording standards. Tunes are fast and short, with plenty of shout-along choruses and brief, splintery guitar solos. There’s nothing particularly new to the formula, though there is plenty to be said for energetic rock music played with conviction and verve. Standout tracks include album opener “Air” and “Teen Rex”, both foot-stomping rave-ups with catchy choruses, as well as the moody and murky “Sorrow’s Forecast”, which utilizes both a thrumming bassline and moments of well-placed vocal freak-out. These guys are nobody’s idea of revolutionary, but if you’re looking for a booster shot of rock and roll to get you through the snowy winter months, well, here you go.

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