Raider Klan: Tales From the Underground

[23 January 2014]

By David Maine

Parody Or Deadly Earnest? You Decide

Raider Klan try so hard to evince over-the-top hip-hop badassery that they veer dangerously close to a parody of hip-hop badassery. (Their album was released on Halloween fer Chrissake.) That’s not to say they aren’t entertaining; cartoons can be fun, and this outfit is nothing if not a cartoon. From the opening horror-movie synths of “Fuck What They Say” to the closing strains of 10-minute epic closer “Goin’ In”, there is an abundance of rhymes concerning fat cash, ungrateful bitches and niggers who don’t play. That said, the beats are surprisingly low-key, leaving the attention squarely on the lyrics, to the benefit of the energetic “It’s Nothin” and “Goin’ In”, but elsewhere the energy flags a bit. Despite this, the varied flows of Amber London, Rell, Dough 2x and Key Nyata – among others – keep things lively enough. It’s nothing groundbreaking, or even marginally original. It is, however, more or less what my mother thinks rap music consists of. Welcome to your nightmare, Mom.

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