Firehouse: Bring ‘Em Out “Live”


By Mike Pace

From the bellowing war cry of “ROCK!” shortly followed by the eunuch-induced falsetto that commences “Overnight Sensation”, you can tell that you are dealing with the top-notch, class-act rock ‘n’ roll band that can only be the mighty Firehouse. Over the course of some six records (beginning with 1991’s Aqua Net classic, Firehouse), the flames of fury have rose hot and hard to the point where the band is beloved in such foreign lands as Malaysia and Japan. The latter is the location for this live recording, provocatively entitled Bring ‘Em Out “Live”, a country where only C.J. Snare could get away with screaming, “Osaka, get those hands up in the air and reach for the sky!” Over the course of 14 familiar hits, Firehouse wax romantic (“Lover’s Lane”), psychoanalytical (“Dream”), environmental (“Acid Rain”), as well as expound on such novel ideas as reaching for the sky (“Reach for the Sky”) and commanding your lover not to walk away (“Don’t Walk Away”).

The big guns are, of course, in top form as always. Their number one early ‘90s hard rock/metal wedding song “Love of a Lifetime”, as well as the song that started it all, “Don’t Treat Me Bad”, are performed with a heaping portion of sincerity, delivered right to your ears in the compact disc format. You can thank the good folks down at Spitfire Records, located a few miles from my parents’ house in Long Island, for continuing to put out records by bands that make a difference. As the old saying goes, “We don’t need no water let the mutha fucka burn.” And judging from their moniker, CJ Snare and company are doing just that.

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