Thalia Zedek Band - “Fell So Hard” (stream) (Premiere)

[13 February 2014]

By PopMatters Staff

Thalia Zedek had a fairly prolific 2013, what with the release of her band’s standout album Via and the reunion of her best-known vehicle Come behind the reissue of its 1992 debut Eleven: Eleven. Working off that momentum, Zedek and her band recorded another EP Six in October 2013. Premiering on PopMatters, Six‘s leadoff track “Fell So Hard” is a fine example of where Zedek’s present and past meet, combining the broader, more open palette of Via with the heft of the blues-tinged indie sound that Come pioneered. Thalia Zedek Band’s Six comes out on 25 February, via Thrill Jockey.

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