The Safes - ‘Record Heat’ (album stream) (Premiere)

[22 April 2014]

By PopMatters Staff

The three brothers—Frankie, Patrick, and Michael O’Malley—grew up in a musical home full of classic albums and instruments belonging to their musician/collector father. The O’Malleys learned and played together all through their youth, which explains why the Safes are so tight and right on the money with every note and rhythm. Next week sees the release of the Safes’ latest slab of rock ‘n’ roll. Spring is finally here… time to rock.

Frankie O’Malley tells us all about Record Heat in an exclusive track-by-track: “To me the title, Record Heat, says it all!  A real summertime extra sensory power pop, rock ‘n’ roll explosion for blasting at the beach, cranking it up in the car and taking a ride, and blaring it at your Saturday night dance party. Then when you listen alone, dig on that songwriting and production my brother does. There’s way more going on than you’ll get in one listen.”


1. “Hopes Up, Guard Down”
I remember the first time Patrick played “Hopes Up, Guard Down” for me, just guitar and vocals. My immediate reaction, “This is track #1 on our next LP!” Enough said.

2. “I Would Love To”
When I wrote “I Would Love To”, I was in the pits of despair; you’d never know by listening to it. But this song was not originally the anthem for Living Life it became. Oh yeah!  Thank you for being here for me!

3. “K.O.”
Patrick’s songwriting and production always knocks me out of the park. If you can figure out the song structure on this one, please tell me because I’m still trying to learn how to play it. That said it’s probably my second favorite song on Record Heat! “Hopes Up” being #1 of course!

4. “The Wide Open Sky”
Hey baby we’re flying! OH NO! What? WAIT! NO! OK, GOOOO! Nah nah nah nah! YEAH! Phew, we pulled out of that tailspin! Relationships? What’s wrong with us humans?

5. “Birthday Cake”
The main guitar riff on “Birthday Cake” was actually written for a fictional cartoon band I had with a friend until I played it for Patrick and he told me “No, that one is for the Safes.” Good thing too, because this jam would have never seen the light of day otherwise. Do dig thy tune won’t thee?

6. “Know It All”
Time to let off some pressure, Time to let off some steam, All your notebooks get thrown away, let’s go to Dairy Queen! Sugar in your coffee really taste just right, Feeling the effects for a hundred thousand nights!

7. “I Win”
You know that one person that made your life hell?  What do you have to say now? Huh? Yeah, nothing! I WIN!

8. “Ace For a Face”
This song pretty much embodies the entire Record Heat vibe in one song. Live life and have fun dancing to the rock ‘n’ roll! And nice glockenspiel work by Austin!

9. “Hot Pursuit”
Oh the empty scene has left you alone in your clone clothes? Wake up! A hairstyle is not a lifestyle. Don’t follow the chameleon cool golden rule. Just be yourself!

10. “Undone”
Look out! She’s going full throttle tonight! Man, why do I love trouble? Is it fun? Not when it needs to be undone!

Photo: Andrew Ballantyne

Photo: Andrew Ballantyne

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