Supersuckers: Get the Hell

[30 April 2014]

By David Maine

After 25 Years, the Band Knows a Thing Or Two

Okay, so listening to this record won’t make you any smarter. Supersuckers have been around for 25 years now, a hard rock/punk band whose stripped-down brand of rock & roll has never gone completely out of style. Here’s hoping it never does. Get the Hell is their ninth album, and it keeps the good (?) times rolling along. Even if opening tune “Get the Hell” is the strongest track here, with it’s tongue-twisting lyrics and chest-thumping chorus, there are enough blistering little nuggets of fuck you to make the album a keeper. “Something About You”, “Fuck Up” and “Pushin’ Thru” are all first-half highlights, high-energy workouts built around slamming guitar chords, rock-solid drumming and the unvarnished but capable vocals of Eddie Spaghetti. The back half hardly flags, with the politically incorrect “Gluttonous” taking the prize for tasteless lyrics (“I did you sister and her best friend – and then I did your mother”) and the twanging guitar of “Bein’ Bad” motoring the listener along to the final high-concept cuts of “Shut Your Face” and “Rock On”. Listen, you can save the musical poetry appreciation for the likes of Bon Iver. Sometimes you just want to rock on, maaan. At those times, Supersuckers are here for you. They want to help. They’re your friends.

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