Wunder Wunder: Everything Infinite

[15 July 2014]

By John Paul

With Everyting Infitie, Wunder Wunder have crafted a veritable mixtape of the contemporary underground sound, touching on everyone from fellow Aussies Tame Impala (the title track with its soaring, Beatles-esque harmonies) to Passion Pit (“Hail The Madmen” with its catching chorus and squiggly synths) without ever really coming through with a distinct voice of their own. While it’s certainly pleasant enough and it’s obviously aiming for mass commercial appeal, there’s a certain amount of disingenuousness behind the recordings in their aping of contemporary styles in a manner that captures the best (and most predictable) elements of the hits that have bubbled up from the underground in recent years.

While ostensibly a synth pop group, Wunder Wunder seek to stretch beyond that often-limiting tag by exploring a myriad of stylistic options previously uncovered by indie groups who managed to take their own very particular sound to the bank. With this scattershot approach, it seems a matter of throwing everything at the wall and hoping at least something sticks with the listening public (or at least some corporate marketing department). Bottom line, this is harmlessly pleasant commercial-ready indie pop at its most vapid that will probably be heard quite a bit this summer.

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