The Trouble with Templeton: Rookie

[29 May 2014]

By Jonathan Muirhead

Hot Riffs and High Times

One of the most charming things about this album is that these guys are still finding their voice. Notes fall sometimes slightly in the wrong place, riffs are given more enthusiasm than they actually deserve and every song is purely and simply straight from the heart. This, however, is also a little too thin to spread over the time it has.

A word to the wise for next time, boys: do not assume that just because you care deeply about the end of some teenage infatuation, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your audience will do the same. A couple songs really outstay their welcome, relying too much on overfamiliar guitar lines which give the impression of being cooked up at the last minute in the studio. The melodies are sweet but nothing really lingers long in the head and better is to be expected next time.

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