Terranova: Headache EP

[4 June 2014]

By John Bergstrom

PopMatters Associate Music Editor

The title track to Terranova’s Headache EP, is a cover of “Headache for Michelle” by the early ‘80s British cult post-punk band Au Pairs. It takes the slinky, sharp funk of the original and turns it into an equally no-nonsense, but definitely more danceable, house track. It’s stripped-down but effective stuff, retaining a bit of the original bassline, though the thwacks of white noise seem gratuitous. Ironically, the instrumental dub, titled “Headlock”, works better because it omits Cath Coffey’s too-loud vocal and accentuates the pulsating beat and percussion. The goofy, flatulent, but interesting cha-cha “Tourette” rounds things out.

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